About Our Gummy Manufacturing Services

About Our Gummy Manufacturing Business

We are Custom CBD Gummies

Facility features:

Large-Scale Industrial Cooker
Custom Gummy Mold Options
Large Selection of Raw Materials Equipment
R&D for Custom Formulas
Jarring & Labeling Services
Low MOQs to Start Gummies
Wax and Sugar Coating
Healthy Gummy Options Available
What You Can Expect Working with Us

Benefits of Working with Custom CBD Gummies

Low MOQs

Our in-stock gummy options have a low MOQ of 1,000 jars. Custom formulas for vitamin gummies have an MOQ of 2,000 jars.


Not only are we able to create custom formulas for your gummy vitamin brand, but we can produce custom molds.

Turnkey Services

Unlike other gummy manufacturers, we are able to execute on all tasks needed to bring your product to life, such as manufacturing, bottling, labeling, and warehousing.

Lab Testing

All of our gummies are able to be lab tested for potency, water activity, microbials, heavy metals, allergens, and more. Contact us for testing services.

Producing the highest quality gummy is our main priority, so we only use the most modern manufacturing equipment
Gummy Manufacturing Capabilities

Our gummies are produced with the largest and highest quality manufacturing equipment. With that said, modern equipment can only take you so far without the right ingredients and procedures in place. This is why we take pride in sourcing quality raw materials to use in our gummy vitamin formulas. Due to the abundance of raw materials available to us, we are able to provide accurate price quotes within 24-48 hours. In addition, our turnaround times are faster than other gummy manufacturers. Depending on your order, we can promise a 3 week turnaround time due to ingredients and raw materials being readily available.

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